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Meet the Staff

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Dr. Donna LeClaire

Veterinarian / Owner

Hello and Welcome!

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989, and yes my blood does run Green!!!  Most of my career has been spent practicing small animal medicine, but I did work a few years at a mixed animal practice.  I started out downstate and fully intended on staying below the bridge as a "troll" but, having been born and raised here in the Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior called me back.  There is something about the force of this beautiful land and its rugged shores.  I guess I am a Yooper at heart!!

My Passion is preventative medicine and care and thoroughly enjoy helping owners learn how to keep their pets healthy and live their best lives.  I am currently kept busy with a mixed breed dog named Myrtle, 2 rescued cats; Jerry and Sophie (AKA Fred), a husband and 2 grown sons who have recently flown the nest.  

My favorite things include camping, kayaking, boating, hiking, reading and visiting all the beautiful sites of the Upper Pennisula. 

Louie decided he wanted a hug from Jenni

Jennifer Geer

Office Manager / Veterinary Assistant

My name is Jennifer.  I have been with Dr. LeClaire  since 1999.  I was born and raised in the area.   My hobbies are gardening, cooking, camping and anything that deals with my daughter.   I have 1 dog and 4 cats.  There names are Ruxin, Oliver, Milo, Velvet and Toby.   I am known as the cat whisperer around here and the one that apparently smells like doggy biscuits because most dogs love to give me hugs and kisses. 

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Natalie Geer

Veterinary Assistant

My name is Natalie! I was born in Detroit and moved up here when I was 3. My mom who is Jennifer is the one who got me into the vet field. I have always loved to visit her while she was at work to pet all the animals. In my free time I really like to hang out with my friends and weight lift. I want to leave the area eventually and explore the world. I am excited to be apart of this adventure! 

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Kayla Deroche

Veterinary Assistant

Hey, my name is Kayla. I was born in Florida but spent most of my life up here in the UP. I have had a passion for animals since I was very young, so I am excited to be apart of the team here. Outside of work I have 2 kids, Billy and Charlie, who love to go camping, fishing, sledding, and sitting around the campfire roasting marshmellows. 

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The Greeter & Escaper

Hello,  My name is Scooter.  I have been head greeter at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic for 4 years.  I was very sick when I became part of the team at the clinic.  My human coworkers helped me heal and become the strong big boy of the clinic .  I love to greet the clients and most of all I love to dart the door and go hang out in the flower box.  I have taught the humans my knock when I request to come back in.   My hobbies are to eat alot, play with the animals in the hospital, love and comfort the clients while they are waiting and most of all sleep.  I pretend I am the boss of the clinic but my counterpart (Lizzy) lets me know who the real boss is. 

Fatty Sleeping.jpg

Resident House Cat

2002-2019 Rest in Peace

Hello, My name is Lizzy (AKA Fatty).  I have been a resident house cat at Bayshore Veterinary Clinic for 14 years.  I used to be known as Fat Cat because I looked as if I swallowed a basketball.  Due to my aging and current medical problems I am back to my normal size if not smaller.  I enjoy visiting with the patients and getting loving from the staff.  I also enjoy breaking into the food bags even though my human co workers try their best to keep me out of the food.  My hobbies are eating, sleeping and being the true boss around the clinic.  

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